People in a hurry, time is a flurry, with worries and “must”s. But I know a place where time is erased and people live life out of trust. It’s called Foreverland, has lots of sand, and boats that float on seas of love. There’s night and day, but no clocks. No tick or tocks.
The only place there is, is Now.
Now fills the air with “present”s and care. She smells like perfume and tastes like food.
She sounds still and looks like light, she has freedom in her laughter and life dripping off her. There’s lots of Nows in Foreverland, they live just outside the Doors of Inconvenience. But they’re easy to find, they don’t hide. They sit in places called Playtime, just waiting in broad daylight, dreaming of being found by a Then.
Thens live next to Foreverland, just a doorway away. But they live in a better place, one they call Ourownland. In Ourownland, Thens don’t have time for beaches or sand. Instead, they are glued to the watches on their hands. Thens work in shiny boxes that hide their tired faces and perform to quiet the shame. When a Then goes home and is left all alone, he’ll often chase his feelings away. But the Now next door, waiting to be explored, still sits in the light of day. She patiently rests and trusts with each turning of the sun, never doubting Then will find her.
See, it is extremely rare that a Then ever catches glimpse of a Now, but if he does, his heart comes undone. The stitches break loose, and he’ll take a breath of freedom. He’ll rip the Doors of Inconvenience from their hinges, and vulnerably drown in seas of love. When a Then finds a Now, he’ll stay there.
His numbing and running will end, his shiny boxes will break, and certainty will escape him as he floats on a boat in Foreverland.